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Roast Pork Special

Roasted Italian topped with broccoli rabe, long hots and sharp provolone cheese on a seeded roll -$15

Crab Cake Sandwich

Lump crab cake topped with tomato, arugula, and garlic Dijon aioli on a brioche bun -$15

Italian Cuban

Roast pork, Italian peppered ham, sharp provolone, caramelized onion, Dijon aioli and pickles - $15

Jimmy Delicious

Italian pulled pork topped with creamy macaroni and cheese crumbled bacon on a hoagie roll - $14

Shrimp Tacos

3 tacos with shrimp, shredded lettuce, chopped tomato and onion on a corn tortilla drizzled with a sour cream - $15


Shaved ribeye seasoned & chopped with American cheese on a hoagie roll. -$12

Blackened Shrimp Boy

Blackened shrimp with shredded lettuce and spicy pickles. Drizzled garlic Dijon aioli on a lightly toasted hoagie roll - $16


Shaved ribeye, chopped sweet sausage, green peppers & onions tossed with gravy, topped with provolone cheese & baked. -$15

South Philly

Chicken cutlet topped with spinach, long hots & sharp provolone & baked. -$12

Scrapple Burger

Pub burger topped with grilled scrapple, a fried egg & cheddar cheese. -$14

Shaved Prime Rib

Shaved angus prime rib topped with sharp provolone cheese, drizzled with bleu cheese horseradish aioli, toasted & served on garlic bread. -$16

The Pig

Slow roasted Italian pork, pulled pork, peppered ham, sharp provolone cheese & grilled prosciutto on a seeded roll. -$15

Pepperoni Pizza Steak

Chopped ribeye & pepperoni tossed with pizza sauce & mozzarella cheese on a hoagie roll. -$13

Pub Burger

Our unique blend of beef, veal & seasoning.  Flame grilled topped with American cheese, lettuce & tomato on a brioche bun. -$10