Apps, Soups & Salads



Lightly dusted calamari rings, tossed in tangy lemon butter sauce with roasted red peppers, banana peppers and black olives -$12

Cheesesteak Fries

Chopped rib-eye tossed in an American cheese sauce over seasoned fries -$12

Boneless Wings

Breaded chicken chunks. Sauce choices: Buffalo, Jack Daniels BBQ, Buffalo BBQ -$11

Bacon Mac and Cheese Balls

Elbow macaroni and our cheese blend, wrapped in bacon and rolled in panko bread crumbs. -$10

Lamb Lollipops

Flame grilled lollipops drizzled with a red wine balsamic demi glace -$16

Fried Pizza

Pizza dough stuffed with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Fried and rubbed with garlic butter and Italian herbs -$8

Cheesesteak Dip

Seasoned ribeye in melted American cheese dipping sauce. Served with toasted crostini -$10


Chopped tomatoes, red onions, garlic and fresh basil. Topped with mozzarella and Pecorino Romano cheese, drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction. -$10

Baked Meatballs

Beef, veal and pork blend meatballs topped with our red gravy, mozzarella and Pecorino Romano cheese -$10


One pound of White Water mussels in our red seafood gravy -$11

Eggplant Sticks

Panko crusted eggplant sticks topped with Pecorino Romano cheese and our gravy dipping sauce -$9


Twice fried or baked. Tossed with your choice of sauce. Buffalo, Jack Daniels BBQ, Buffalo BBQ, or Garlic Formaggio. -$12

Chicken Parmesan Egg Rolls

Panko crusted chicken cutlet chopped and mixed with mozzarella cheese and gravy. Wrapped in our homemade dough. -$12

Baked Lobster Mac & Cheese

Elbow macaroni tossed with out unique cheese blend, with chunks of lobster, sprinkled with panko bread crumbs and cheddar cheese. -$16

Spinach and Crab Dip

Chopped spinach and lump crab meat tossed in white wine Swiss cheese sauce. Served with toasted crostini. -$12

Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

Seasoned ribeye rolled in our house-made dough with chunks of American cheese. -$11

Prosciutto Arancini

Italian rice balls stuffed with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese. Rolled in panko bread crumbs and fried. Topped with a blush vodka cream sauce. -$12

Shrimp Lejon

Stuffed with Dijon horseradish and wrapped in bacon -$15

Steamed Mid-Neck Clams

One pound of mid-neck clams in our light oil & garlic sauce. $12

Cheese Bombs

Pasta shells stuffed with four cheeses, breaded in panko bread crumbs & fried. -$10

Rustico Salad

Romaine lettuce with roasted red peppers, blackened chicken and gorgonzola cheese -$12

Neptune Salad

Romaine lettuce tossed in our Caesar dressing, crab meat, Italian tuna & black olives. -$16

Strawberry & Avocado Salad

Spinach salad tossed in a creamy balsamic vinaigrette, topped with fresh chopped strawberries & finished with avocado, prosciutto & feta cheese. -$15

Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce tossed in our creamy Caesar dressing, with blackened chicken, pecorino Romano cheese & croutons. -$12

Cucumber Lump & Tomato Salad

Lump crab meat tossed with cucumber & fresh chopped tomato in a red wine vinaigrette with Italian herbs. -$15

French Onion Soup

Our secret recipe, croutons, mozzarella and provolone cheese -$6

Lobster Bisque -$10

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Chicken Escarole -$6